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  • What Exactly Can Be Recycled When Demolishing a Building?

    9 August 2022

    When arranging for a building to be demolished, you'll often hear the demolition company discussing what can be salvaged and recycled. If this is the first time you've arranged for a demolition, be prepared for the demolition crew to first scour the building, taking out everything that could possibly be recycled or re-used. In buildings, that turns out to be a lot. Concrete Chunks and Slabs Believe it or not, concrete can be recycled.

  • They're For More Than Shipping: 4 Reasons To Invest In Shipping Containers

    24 February 2022

    If you're like most people, you think that shipping containers are only for industrial use, but that's not the case. Those large shipping containers that you see on the back of trucks, in industrial storage yards or on cargo ships have more available uses than you might have originally thought. If you haven't thought about investing in a shipping container, read the list provided below. You'll find four great reasons to buy a shipping container of your own.

  • Three Reasons for Hiring a Professional Shopfitting Service

    1 October 2021

    Many people feel that hiring a professional shopfitting service is complicated and expensive and prefer to try to manage the process themselves. In fact, this can be a costly mistake. Here are some reasons why you should consider a professional shopfitting service for your store. Expertise and experience Shopfitting is a very complex process that involves a whole range of different processes. As well as designing the overall layout, a shopfitter has to design individual pieces of furniture and fixtures and then arrange for their manufacture and installation.

  • Should You Choose an Electric Lift Chair?

    26 May 2021

    No one likes the sense of losing their independence. While you may no longer be able to go out running or enjoy long cross-country walks as you age, it is still important to get up to open the front door, make yourself a drink or fetch a book to read. For many people, walking is not problematic, but moving between a sitting and a standing position can be. Not all chairs are easy to get out of, and some chairs that are easier to transfer in and out of are not comfortable for prolonged sitting.

  • Have You Thought About Using Rare Earth Magnets?

    15 March 2021

    Almost everyone understands that magnetism exists. Many people will have experimented with magnetism during their schooldays, but how many people realise the part magnetism plays in so many pieces of equipment today? Magnets are in hand tools, medical equipment, IT hardware and even something as mundane as a door catch. While most of these applications use traditional ferrite magnets, there are many times that more magnetic pull is needed, and that is when manufacturers frequently turn to rare earth neodymium magnets.

  • Four Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Residential Locks

    3 December 2020

    Residential locks are essential for keeping your home secure. If these components are in poor condition and do not function correctly, your house will be vulnerable to intruders. Therefore, it is advisable to establish a plan for protecting and maintaining your door locks. Here are some fundamental guidelines to keep in mind if you would like to improve the function and performance of your locks. 1. Examine the Lock Condition

  • Answering Some Questions About Buying Eco-Friendly Steel for Manufacturing Processes

    24 February 2017

    If you have a manufacturing facility of any sort and need steel for those processes, you may be concerned about how to get the best material for your production without overspending, while still making an eco-friendly choice. If you've never purchased steel before, you have many options for the material, and some of these may be more environmentally friendly than others, so note a few questions you might first ask. This will ensure you get the best choice for your needs while doing what you can to save the environment.

  • How To Replace The Magnesium Anode Rod In Your Water Heater

    21 February 2017

    You can extend the life of your water heater simply by replacing the magnesium anode rod before it fails, slowing down corrosion in the tank. The anode rod works by attracting corrosive elements that are present in the water, thus protecting the lining of the tank. Over time the rod becomes corroded and can't perform its role efficiently, meaning that the tank rusts and begins to leak. If you replace the anode rod in your water heater every five years or so, you can actually double the life of your tank.

  • Tips On Fixing A Broken Tent Pole

    14 February 2017

    It's your worst nightmare; you've headed off on a weekend camping trip with your mates only to find that your tent pole is bent or broken when you come to pitch for the night. Here's a handy guide on how to fix bent or broken tent poles 'in the field' until you can get to a specialist repair shop. Composite or fibreglass tent poles Emergency repairs Some tents have flexible tent poles, which are usually made from composite plastic or fibreglass.

  • Microbrewing Glycol System Troubleshooting

    13 January 2017

    If you run a microbrewery business, it's essential that your glycol unit is working properly. A faulty glycol unit will not cool the beer properly, leaving your brew vulnerable to damage by bacteria. A damaged batch will cost you money in wasted product, in lost orders, and in damage to your company reputation. So, how do you know if your glycol unit is acting up and what can you do to fix it?