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Should You Choose an Electric Lift Chair?

by Kyle Marshall

No one likes the sense of losing their independence. While you may no longer be able to go out running or enjoy long cross-country walks as you age, it is still important to get up to open the front door, make yourself a drink or fetch a book to read. For many people, walking is not problematic, but moving between a sitting and a standing position can be. Not all chairs are easy to get out of, and some chairs that are easier to transfer in and out of are not comfortable for prolonged sitting. Rather than constantly struggling to stand up, it is better to consider using an electric lift chair.

How could an electric lift chair help?

When you experience difficulty gaining an upright position, it can be useful to have a chair that assists you. An electric lift chair can move your body from a seated position to a standing one. Rather than struggling and perhaps exhausting or even injuring yourself, you press a button and let the chair do the hard work. If you have been wondering whether an electric lift chair is a good choice for you, there are several factors that you should bear in mind before deciding to buy a chair.

Do you have control?

When using an electric lift chair, you must understand how to control the chair. Often, the chair is controlled by pressing a button, so it is not a strenuous activity, but you must know which button to press and when to press it. If you can't reach the button or lack the strength in your fingers to control the chair, you may need to find an alternative solution. If you need help to build your muscles or dexterity, an occupational therapist would be able to guide you and set some exercises for you.

Are you looking at the right lift chair?

Electric lift chairs vary. When looking at a chair, think about whether the chair can safely bear your weight and body shape. You should also think about where the pressure points will be while you are seated in the chair. In many cases, lift chairs can provide relief from back pain or poor circulation, but health conditions vary, so speak to your occupational therapist before making your choice. They should be able to answer your questions and help you to decide whether a particular electric lift chair is the best choice for you.