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Two Reasons Why Every Office Owner Should Keep Rare Earth Magnets on Their Premises

by Kyle Marshall

Here are two reasons why every office owner should keep rare earth magnets on their premises.

Their staff can use these magnets to keep their office stationery and desk supplies tidy and organised

In busy offices, where stationery and other office supplies are in regular use, it's all too easy for people to misplace or create messy piles of these items on their desks. If an office owner has noticed this issue on their premises, they should consider using some powerful rare earth magnets to resolve it.

For example, one large rare earth magnet (or a stack of smaller ones joined together) could be used by an employee to keep their metal paperclips, clipboard clips, spare staples and pens with metal clips organised in one easy-to-access place on their desk. This would keep their desk free of clutter, prevent these small items from rolling off the desk (as these magnets are very strong, and the items connected to them won't detach too easily), and allow staff members to access these essential supplies quickly, without having to rummage through their desk drawers.

They can use these magnets to decorate their office

Office owners should also keep some of these extra-powerful magnets on hand when decorating their premises. For example, if an office owner wants to keep some tall potted plants on the floor of their office, but they're concerned that people might knock over these plants and create a mess or damage their leaves, they could use these magnets to stop this from happening. If for example, they inserted a tiny push pin into each section of the floor on which they want to put a potted plant and then glued a rare earth magnet onto the base of each plant pot, that magnet would adhere very firmly to the nail in the floor (in spite of the small size of the latter) and keep the pot in place, even if someone bumps into it.

Similarly, if an office owner wants to use adhesive picture strips to hang their office artwork (instead of damaging the walls with nails) but they're concerned that the artwork might fall off these adhesive strips, they could glue one rare earth magnet to each strip, and then glue more of these magnets to the corners of their artwork before attaching the pictures to the strips on the walls. This would virtually eliminate the likelihood of the artwork detaching from the strips.