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The 5 Essential Outdoor Cleaning Tools

by Kyle Marshall

Outdoor cleaning is not a fun task, but it is necessary. Whether you're looking to spruce up the deck for a barbecue or to clean the pavers in the garden, this list has what you need. Instead of having twenty different cleaning tools for different purposes, use these five versatile pieces of equipment for all your cleaning requirements outside of the house.

From high pressure washers to extendable window cleaners, these tools have you covered so that the outside of your house looks brand new.

Window Brush—Washing windows is not a fun job, but it will improve the look of your house. Most window brushes can also be used on the outside of houses, which is an added benefit to this useful tool. If you live in a multiple storey house, look out for extendable window brushes which will make your job a whole lot easier. 

High Pressure Washers—These incredible tools can help you clean practically everything outside of your house.A good high pressure washer is not only powerful, it's also versatile. Attachable heads and adjustable pressure mean that you can use your high pressure cleaning equipment for anything from cleaning the car to removing moss from the garden. The capability to add chemical solutions to your washer is another good feature to look out for, as this will ensure that you can effectively kill weeds and other plants with a quick blast.

Outdoor Vacuum—These tools are fast working and easy to use, but not many people have them. In order to clean up your garden and paving stones, outdoor vacuums can do the trick much faster than a rake, and double as a clean-up tool for litter. Looking out for ones with good storage and high power will help you make your garden or driveway as clean as possible. 

Barbecue Grill Cleaner—Let's face it, cleaning the barbecue after every dinner party is not a fun activity for summer. Electric barbecue cleaners remove the hassle and ensure that your favorite piece of outdoor equipment stays spick and span all summer long. 

Chemical Products—Sometimes, there will be a patch of moss or mould that not even high pressure cleaning equipment can get rid of. For these occasions, what you need is a chemical solution. Available from most retailers, these cleaning solutions use different chemicals to target specific outdoor problems such as mould or fungus.

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