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Need Truck Mounted Attenuators? Here's Why You Should Go For Detachable Units

by Kyle Marshall

Truck mounted attenuators (TMAs) are critical systems that should be applied anytime you're conducting works on or around roads. Examples include road repairs, road maintenance, accident rescue, etc. The attenuators alert oncoming traffic about the works in progress to avoid a collision. And when that fails, they provide a cushioning that safeguards the people and vehicles involved from severe damage or injury. There are two types of TMAs available: detachable and permanent units. In this article, discover why the detachable units are a better pick for you.

Can buy the attenuators and use your own trucks

Usually, most truck mounted attenuators come installed on trucks. It has therefore become common to associate TMA with the trucks they are fitted on. But this doesn't have to be the case every time. With detachable units, you can buy the attenuators alone, as opposed to buying the trucks and the attenuators that are mounted on them. You can then fit the attenuators on your own fleet of trucks. By buying them alone, you are able to save a lot of money; money that you can then use to buy more of these units or other things that are needed.

Can quickly replace the attenuator after an accident to enjoy site protection

Another reason why you should buy detachable attenuator units is that, in case of an accident, you are able to quickly replace the damaged attenuator and fit a new one in its place. This allows you to keep the site safe at all times. Remember that one accident does not prevent another from happening; your site could experience another collision. And with a second TMA in place, your site will be protected. This is as opposed to having to postpone works until a new truck can be brought in with its new TMA.

Can quickly detach the TMA and use your trucks for other transport applications           

Thirdly, buying detachable truck mounted attenuators allows you to separate the functions of the trucks and the attenuators. With permanent attenuators, both the trucks and the TMAs can only be used for one function alone. However, with detachable ones, you can detach the units and use your trucks for other transport applications. This allows you to enjoy more use of your trucks instead of keeping them dormant when not using them for mounting TMAs.

Detachable truck mounted attenuators are available in the market. You can either buy the detachable units alone if you have trucks of your own or you can buy detachable units plus the trucks they will be mounted on.  

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