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When to Consult With a Town Planner About Your Proposed Subdivision

by Kyle Marshall

As a builder or contractor, you may be thinking of creating an entirely new subdivision in a certain area and have consulted with a number of professionals as to the engineering needed for the homes and shops it will include. However, you might also want to meet with a town planner. A town planner is someone who gives recommendations to local city boards about how to better develop their city while taking into account the environment and other such factors. Note when you should consult with a town planner and why they can be of assistance to you.

Zoning changes

You may have a subdivision in mind that will include residential homes or an apartment complex, but will you also include a few corner stores or even a small strip mall? These types of retail establishments are often appreciated by residents so shopping is easier on them, but they may require some zoning changes. Town planners meet with city officials in the zoning department and can note the reasons why these changes should be made and also the types of zoning laws you would need to have in place for anything other than residential homes. This can help you quickly and easily secure those zoning changes so you're free to include retail establishments in your development.

Proposals for parks

Your residential subdivision may do well with a public park for the kids and families. You may need special permits for the park to be built and developed, and the town council may need to give permission for the park as the city may need to maintain it after it's been built. In some cases, the city itself may pay for its overall development if they know a new residential subdivision is being built. A town planner can discuss the need and benefit of the park with the city council and work with them when it comes to its development and maintenance.

Utility changes

If the current utilities in the city may not be sufficient to support your subdivision, a town planner can work with you and then the city council to help determine the best way to upgrade. These upgraded utilities will then better support the added demands for power, sewage treatment, fresh water, natural gas, and other needs for residents in the subdivision. A town planner might also work with the city to encourage new cable television or internet providers to provide service to that area of the city, so that residents have more choices for their entertainment and internet needs.

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