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  • Need Truck Mounted Attenuators? Here's Why You Should Go For Detachable Units

    13 December 2016

    Truck mounted attenuators (TMAs) are critical systems that should be applied anytime you're conducting works on or around roads. Examples include road repairs, road maintenance, accident rescue, etc. The attenuators alert oncoming traffic about the works in progress to avoid a collision. And when that fails, they provide a cushioning that safeguards the people and vehicles involved from severe damage or injury. There are two types of TMAs available: detachable and permanent units.

  • Factors to Consider Before Deciding to Replace Your Switchgear

    23 August 2016

    The reliability and performance of an electric grid are usually dependent on the switchgear. The switchgear is the equipment that manages, controls, isolates, and protects electrical equipment from overloads and short circuits which can damage them and interrupt power supply. They are also used to de-energize electrical equipment to allow electrical repair and maintenance work. Regular maintenance practices can extend the usable life of your switchgear. However, with time, you may find that you are not getting the expected service from the equipment.

  • Five Simple Things You Need to Prime a Water Pump

    12 July 2016

    If you haven't used your water pump for a few months, you should prime it before using it again. This process removes all of the air from your pump to ensure it works correctly. To prime your pump, you don't need a lot of supplies, but here are five things that can help.  1. Watering can During the priming process, you are going to be pouring a lot of water into your pump and into the hoses you use to connect your pump to your water source.

  • When to Consult With a Town Planner About Your Proposed Subdivision

    17 June 2016

    As a builder or contractor, you may be thinking of creating an entirely new subdivision in a certain area and have consulted with a number of professionals as to the engineering needed for the homes and shops it will include. However, you might also want to meet with a town planner. A town planner is someone who gives recommendations to local city boards about how to better develop their city while taking into account the environment and other such factors.

  • What You Should Include in Your Asbestos Self Audit Checklist

    8 June 2016

    Different jurisdictions usually have guidelines governing how or who should conduct asbestos audits in buildings or locations that are suspected to contain asbestos. However, it may be necessary for you to conduct an audit just to make sure that everything connected to the asbestos in your commercial building is under control. This article discusses some of the sections that your asbestos self-audit checklist should contain. Information About a Competent Person