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Custom Made Jewellery over Ready Made Jewellery

by Kyle Marshall

When it comes to jewellery, nothing speaks volumes about romance and elegance like purchasing a uniquely designed piece. Irrespective of the occasion buying diamond, sapphire, ruby or gold jewellery deciding on a piece of jewellery for a loved one is not an easy task.

For instance, men sometimes spend months picking out an engagement ring for their soul mates. In such cases, it always better to have a jeweler make a custom piece as opposed to buying a something already on display.

Thus, here are reasons why customized jewellery is better than ready-made jewellery.

Originality never goes out of style

An authentically made piece of jewellery for a special person makes it exceptionally unique as well as something that should get treasured for years to come. However, if a piece of jewellery gets purchased from a jeweler who specializes in mass production of various pieces, there is absolutely nothing unique about it even if it's a piece of gold jewellery. With mass production, it's is entirely possible to run into a friend or relative who has the exact piece.

Tailor made and enhanced designs

Bespoke jewellery entails that an individual can have the design of a piece tailored to their personal preferences such as colour. Sometimes people get infatuated with a jewellery design they have seen in a store or online. Instead of buying the already designed piece, you can have a jeweller tailor the same design for an ornament adding your very own enhancements or specifications to give it a touch of originality. The advantage with tailor made designs is that your imaginations are the only limit you.

Buying original pieces for reduces prices

Quite often, you come across the most beautifully designed jewellery on the internet, but unfortunately, the offer price is too steep. In such a situation you can either cough up the full amount or look for a bespoke jewellery designer to custom make the same design for you at a subsidized price. Make sure the jeweller you go to operates from a shop and not a high-end retail store. It is essential to note that jewellery shops often undercut high-end retail stores in prices for similar pieces while offering high-quality custom design services.  

Utilization of 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)

The biggest concern most consumers have with bespoke jewellery is whether the finished piece will come out according to their expectations and thus they consider it a significant risk. However, with modern 3D CAD a jeweller can design and create pictures of the piece thus providing the buyer with a sneak-peak of how the finished piece looks like. A customer may then decide to make adjustments or add modifications to the design.